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Dream Lover Use and explain

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The clitoris is God endowed with mystical organ directly or sensory appealfeminine experience. Please timely and appropriate use of the product, be gentle with it, is the care of their own.

Welcome to use sex toys TINA, before use, please take a few minutes to read

TINA overview

TINA is a specialized sensory massage romantic, ergonomic design, subtle curveto the female body. As DREAM LOVER expected to bring you comfort, TINA is not only Adult supplies, but also will

"Elegant" to the end, taste massage stick set a variety of exquisite features in one.

Our theme is containing the infinite strength, can bring the rich fun experience for you, touch operation panel is located on the holding part is simple, so you caneasily adjust the vibration intensity and the choice of different passion mode. The LED indicator light can display

You control a key state and charge state.

Material ABS/ non-toxic silica gel /18K gold / stainless steel
Size 174X35X29 mm
Weight 92 grams
Battery lithium ion battery 400 milliamperes at 3.7 Volts
Charging 2 hours for voltage 5 volts current 700 Ma
Use of time 4 hours
Standby time up to 60 days
Frequency 120 MHz.
The maximum noise level of 50 dB below
Interface multi function button control panel 5 modes


Before recharging, please ensure that no residue water stains and lubricant DCjack, DC socket inadvertently wet, it is best to use the water gently blowing mouth.

1.TINA: a plastic protective gently open the product end cover.

2 lightly of will DC head is inserted into the DC socket, and ensure that has beeninserted tightly.

3 switch on the power, LED indicator light flashes said it was charging. When charging is completed

(charging time is generally 2 hours), LED indicator light should be continued.

* Don't use TINA in charge.

* Don't continuous charging more than 24 hours.

* only the original charger using DREAM provided by LOVER.

When the power shortage, LED indicator light shows red remind you charging,when pressing the button control panel, indicating lamp display white.

Our theme is containing the infinite strength, can bring the rich fun experiencefor you, touch operation panel is located on the holding part is simple, so you can easily adjust the vibration intensity and the choice of different passionmode. LED indicator can show you control button state and charge state using TINA

Open / close, vibration intensity and passion by the push-button operation modecontrol panel control. Press any key to continue, LED indicator light shows theoperation state.

1 press the "+" button to start the TINA. press again can increase the vibration intensity until you need felt.

2 press the "-" key can weaken the vibration intensity.

3 press the "-" key to the LED lamp does not display can shut down TINApassion mode TINA has 5 preset passion, the passion mode settings, so thatyou can get different massage experience, even after each use, but also withyour mood to provide the most suitable for your massage.

When you start TINA, the default mode is "passion sustained vibration", press the up or down can transform different passion mode.

Use and maintenance of TINA correctly, can effectively extend the service period. DREAM LOVER recommends that you do not choose silicone lubricantwhen using TINA, due to its agents may be permanently attached to the surface of the product. A water-based lubricant is the most secure

Choice. If you wish to use a silicone lubricant, please take a small amount ofsilicone lubricant in use before the test. Never will the massage oil and cream aslubricants for TINA. Before and after each use of TINA, please make a thorough cleaning. Use warm water and bacteria

Soap washing body parts, hot water and then clean to flush, finally with a lint free cloth or towel dry gently pat to dry. In the cleaning process, should avoidDC socket and control panel water. Do not use alcohol, petrol or acetone.

Cleaning agent. Avoid direct sunlight, do not be exposed to TINA at high temperature. At the same time, please pay attention to not less than 2 degrees Celsius when storing or using TINA in temperature, use can damage the TINA inlow temperature environment.

TINA should be stored in a clean place, and separated with the toys of other materials.

Fault diagnosis

When charging, the LED indicator is not lit?

- the battery has been full, with up to 4 hours of fun time is waiting for you.

The battery has run out, wait a few minutes after the re charge.

- charger is not connected properly, please check the power supply and DC socket.

TINA can't start press "+" button?

- the lack of electricity, please recharge.

TINA was unable to close or (and) control panel did not respond?

- Microprocessor temporary fault, please connect the charger to restart.

Latest update: May 13, 2014

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