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Best selling Kegel weights exercise equipment--to every woman's health and happiness

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Lily bulb is an upmarket elegant practice Kegel exercise equipment, a total of 4 different colors, every woman can find the most effective pelvic floor muscle training methods. Dream Lover of the traditional "vaginal balls" elegant upgrades, making it easier for users to enjoy the longer, more intense orgasm experience; at the same time reduce the risk of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction disease risk and help women in the postpartum recovery faster relaxation of pelvic floor muscle. Simply put in the vagina, sphere will move you to a certain weight and move through your daily activities, thereby promoting the subtle vibration of Kegel muscle contraction. Lily ball each set contains 2 sets of balls of different colors, red with blue, black and white.
  1. The perfect of pelvic floor muscle training
  2. Has proved beneficial to all ages women's health
  3. The most simple pay the most lucrative returns
  4. The ball inside the sphere with the movement of the body and the vibration,effectively promote the pelvic floor muscle contraction
  5. The weight of different sphere, so you can be tailored to suit your training
  6. Combined with the weight of different spheres, in a proper manner graduallystrong pelvic floor muscles
  7. The use of simple, compact and low profil
  8. At home, work or even in the way can be easily training
  9. Super safe, comfortable, health
  10. Enclosure is made of USA SFDA certified ABS material, feel very good, easy to clean
  11. Quality and ensure the There is nothing comparable to this.
  12. 1 years quality guarantee
Material: ABS / safe silicone
Surface: light
Tape size: 89 x 35 x 15 mm
Adhesive weight: 6.8g
Body size:  35 mm
Single ball weight: 32 grams

Like all fun supplies Dream Lover production, the design concept of Lily beads is to let the user in any environment can have a peaceful and happy state of mind.She passed American FDA certification, made of not containing phthalateingredients safe silicone and ABS environmental protection material. She is made of 4 spheres (32 grams of powder + Blue / white + Black) are in series, in order to enhance vaginal contraction and The new supersedes the old. Lily beads is placed in the elegant gift box, and a luxury velvet gift bag, together with a user manual, a telescopic belt.

Women using the Wahaha ball needs in what kind of situation?
 If you meet one of the following circumstances
  1.  your sexual history has been more than 2 years
  2.  you have had the baby
  3.  you have been very difficult to realize the marriage was filled with a sense of fulfillment
  4.  of your sexual life pleasure is not strong, it is difficult to reach a climax.
  5.  he no longer frequent requirements, refused even to your initiative.

Using the principle of Wahaha ball

For the body is provided with a super strong elastic ball, when you drive the ballmovement, the ball will hit back and forth in the sphere wall, normal physical activity can get the ball impact vibration, thus stimulating vaginal automatic contraction. This exercise its at the same time, also can experience pleasure!

The normal physiological reaction to Kegel after exercise training

  1. increased vaginal secretion: Lily ball into the body, because inside the vagina received stimulation, stimulate increased vaginal secretion, removes the Lily ball can have leucorrhoea follow, this is a normal phenomenon. Vaginal secretion with the amount of menstrual cycle and thoughts, sexual life. White have lubricant effect in sexual love, once the pudendal stimulated, it will stimulate the secretion of leucorrhea, do not need to worry about Lily ball will affect your health.
  2. abdominal muscle pain: the exercise pelvic muscle and abdominal muscle, the bottom was also exercise, the muscles do not move for a long time, have muscle pain, this is very normal. Like to go mountain climbing, Second World floor leg muscle pain is the same.

Product features

ball shell with USA FDA SFDA certified ABS material, shell smooth touch. Anti pollution ability strong, easy to clean. Material body and harmless, can be assured use.
  1. ball inside the silica gel coated metal ball, every action of your body such as walking, running and so on, it also will follow the beat. Massage the inner wall of the vagina, strengthening exercise effect.
  2. rubber sleeve 100%, a medical silica gel soft to the touch, no smell, strong antibacterial ability, easy to clean.

Method of use

The dumbbell in position
Apply lubricating fluid in the dumbbell, the dumbbell placed from vaginal mouth 1~2 cm position, "wired" please stay outside line, convenient to extract. If not live clip in 1~2 cm position, can put a little more deeply.
Exercise method
The dumbbell is put into the body, you can go out for a walk, trot, dancing or swimming, exercise 30 minutes each time.
The first use, please use only 10 minutes, and then daily increase of 3 minutes, until the 30 minutes. Because the first time is too long, second days of abdominal muscles ache; just after gym class, second days of leg pain, this is the natural physiology

The process of exercise

2 weeks first to: the use of a belt pulling rope ball (32g) exercise, after a week you may feel that a ball is too light, then move on to the next step;

Third ~ 6 weeks: stent rubber sleeve (6.8 g) two balls (64 grams) connected to exercise, in 6 weeks, you can restore compact like a girl.

Dear, you must exercise Oh, every 20 to 30 minutes of exercise will allow you totake on an altogether new aspect!

Cleaning method

The use of self water dry wash, and then with a disinfectant or alcohol to clean.Silica gel and ABS environmental protection material belongs to the chemical resistance strong materials, so you can use medical alcohol cleaning.

Matters needing attention

  1. using the dumbbell is not sitting, standing, walking, jogging, can swim, dance,do the housework.
  2. do not use silicone oil lubricating fluid, silicone oil lubrication will corrode thesilica gel products.
  3. the toilet before please first removed to avoid the dumbbells dumbbells, fell into the toilet, tragedy, because is unable to separate with the dumbbell.
  4. had severe inflammation of Department of gynaecology, please do not usevaginal dumbbell, for example: vaginitis, vulvitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc..

Common problem

What is its principle of 1 Lily?

The principle of medicine is "Kegel"; the physical principle is the use of gravity,the dumbbell placed in the body, under the action of gravity in the vaginal muscles will tighten the clamping dumbbell not consciously, so as to achieve the effect of exercise.

2 Lily will stretch the vagina?

Dear, no, the size of the Lily is designed specifically for a woman's vagina, often a lot of women have a misunderstanding "that the vagina is supporting large" in fact, vaginal muscle is a result of long time no exercise, and inner wall of muscle tissue started to become loose and gradually loses its elasticity, as women agegrowth physiology aging slowly vaginal relaxation becomes large, so it should be taken a safe and effective way is to exercise the Wahaha Wahaha. This is a lot ofgynecological care hospital are used.

3 Lily ball on line setting, not broken?

Dear, this is to that you don't need to worry about, Lily ball on the line is very strong, and the vaginal muscle generated force is not enough to make the linebroken! We have done a test, with two hands pull, has not been able to get theline break.

4 Lily ball not in vivo yourself off?

Dear, do not worry about this Oh, support is soft silicone material, and a concave groove design on the ball, and the ball friction large, small ball set firmly in thebelt inside guarantee.

The 5 cause gynecological inflammation?

Lily Beads is used in high-grade medical silica gel and ABS environmental protection material, as long as you pay attention to clean before and after use, issafe, won't cause inflammation of Department of gynaecology.

6 I have just given birth, the vagina can be restored to the previous tight?

The vagina is a very flexible organ, its muscles can expand enough to hold anewborn through, but after production, uterine prolapse, vaginal relaxation,elastic variation, leucorrhea increased, as long as the use of the reduction Yam products exercise every day, will gradually restore compaction.
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