High Quality Durex Latex Condoms Durex elite

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Model: DL-001
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1. Product description of condom
Style : plain condoms 
Material: natural latex 
Thickness: 0.04mm 
Lubricant oil: 600mg 
Packaging: 12 pieces/box 

2. Quality Inspection  (Following tests guarantee the quality of our condoms)
1) Pin Hole Test: 100% individually electronically tested 
2) Tensile Test 
3) Airburst Test 
4) Water Leakage Test 
5) Package Integrity Test 
6) Aging Test 

3. Instruction:
1)Take out the condom from the foil pack carefully to avoid slit it with a fingernail. 
2)Be sure to squeeze the air out of the teat end. 
3)Place the condom against the tip of erect penis and carefully roll the sides down the shaft of the condom. 
4)Keep the condom in place on the penis unit after intercourse or ejaculation, and then move it out carefully. 
5)Please deal well with the condom which had been used in order to keep sanitary, you should pack the condom with napkin and throw it into garbage bins. 

4. Note:
1.Important: Each condom only can be used once. 
2.Condoms should be stored below 25 centigrade degree in the shade drying, and should be placed in the packaging, so as to avoid condoms by mechanical damage or sunlight.


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